An appreciation. Kelsey Grammer got screwed. His show Boss while very good was a Chicago based version of house of cards. I just finished watching the 18 episode complete series set ( 18 shows was all Netflix made) Yes Netflix the same company that owns Kevin Spacey’s house of cards. Was Netflix too afraid to have both shows on the air? Grammer has been quoted that his personal republican affiliation lost him the show. I don’t believe that.

The show after 2 seasons was still meandering. The biting Journalist vs Mayor thing had run its course. The daughter drug dealer story had run its course, Kitty replaced Ezra, and Tom’s wife was last seen getting busy with Gil Bellows on a yacht in Chicago somewhere.

Boss ( Grammer’s Character) suffered from Lewy body dementia and was loosing it slowly. The Mayor’s father in law seemed to be awakening from his educed Coma ( after a stroke) but what would a lucid father in-law really add to the mix. Lastly while I enjoyed watching Boss I now dont have to look up Kathleen Robertson’s nostrils any longer. What was with that camera angle anyway?

All and all I am not sure Boss even had enough to go forward with after 18 shows. It’s not fair if Grammer’s affiliation with GOP was series undoing. I think perhaps Netflix wanted a better political drama with broader appeal and got it in HOC.

Kelsey Grammer’s performance however was amazing, anyone that thought the Fraser star was done should take notice. He owned the series figuratively and literally. His portrayal of a corrupt flawed politician was spot on. Binge watch Boss this winter if you get the chance, you will be glad you did even if the series never found it’s voice. 

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