On a road to nowhere…

Today’s traffic Jam getting into Boston and Cambridge (20.2 miles) was the 2nd worst commute I have endured in years albeit somewhat self inflicted. I started leaving on time at 7am after the gym, grabbed my stuff and left. Route 9 was a slow drive Waze said 8:15 eta, late but negligible. My gas light goes on around 730 and I am only in Newton Waze says 8:30am now, wait a minute thats not my wallet its an iPhone charge grrr.  Lisa meets me and lends me 20.00 to get gas. She going west after an all nighted at the hospital. She even looks good in scrubs. I double back after gas get Wallet head for Mass Pike. Pike was an absolute parking lot and I finally got to work at 10am 3 hours after I left home.  

This still pales in comparison to the 5 hour commute between Fremont CA to Foster City, CA (26 miles) when a multi car crash caused the San Mateo bridge to be shut down while they air lifted injured from bridge.  That is still the worst commute eva…  

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