Well tonights superbowl was lopsided, with the Seahawks killing the Broncos in all phases of the game 43-8. I guess it’s good the Patriots didn’t make it to the big game, nobody was beating the Seahawks today. 

Peyton Manning has solidified his legacy as the losingest QB in football history and we can now stop the Brady Manning comparisons once and for all.

Radioshack won my award for best commercial with their the 80’s wants their store back spot and Audi was 2nd for those crazy dogs in their never settle commercial.

What was most disappointing to me was the streaming sucked from both Fox and Aereo. Aereo could not stream for more that 4 minutes at a time and it wasn’t until I found the fox sports app that I was able to watch the game for more then 7 minutes at a time but then the Fox app started crashing, and stopping.

Perhaps it was RCN cables internet that is to blame? Or perhaps it was the airplay by apple failing? whatever it was it was frustrating and on the night of the biggest game?

For the first time in forever I missed cable.

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