Sprint is not doing well in Metrowest, MA


 If You are thinking about getting Sprint as your Mobile phone subscriber and you reside west of Boston you may want to think again. I have an ongoing ticket opened when I first got Sprint Service in early 2013.  My problem is that when I am home my phone doesn’t work at all. The problem stems from a tower that was been down for almost the same amount of time that I have had Sprint Service. Sprint says they are working on it, they have mentioned opening tickets to various service initiatives but so far nothing but talk has been done to solve the problem.

I took to twitter to see if I could raise some awareness on the issue.

So when are you going to fix the tower in Metrowest MA? Ticket in 2 weeks ago?

13 Aug

Near Elm St.? Looks like we’re working hard to get it up and it shouldn’t be much longer at all. Crews out there now. *CDM

13 Aug

the thing is you have been working on it since I became a customer, I can’t make calls from home yet.

Wow, I do see it’s been a while. Let’s get this corrected. Would you mind emailing me? sprintcares@sprint.com *CDM

 13 Aug

what and take this conversation off line, when I do that nobody gets back to me. I like you attentiveness.

We can get your account info via email. Let me know once it is sent, and tell me the subject line. I’ll find it. *PJL

really so the 21 people you are already follow are what the CEO and other Sprint company stuff.

13 Aug

I understand. My user profile does not have access. It’s handled on a corporate level. Please let me know once it is sent. *PJL

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