Don’t be anyone’s Concierge…

Have you ever had a friend that only calls you when he needs to move, or have furniture moved in his house. Maybe he can’t remember that great NYC Steak restaurant you both went together to a few years back and he needs reminding.  Perhaps he forgot where Dinosaur barbecue in Harlem is again, or where a good 12 mile bike route is in Boston or perhaps where he could find a good video crew… Really?

Did you try and get together with this person anyway because you have been friends sorta for  almost 30 plus years. You invited him out to golf ½ a dozen times to lunch two or three times and dinner twice. Finally you try, and he says your invitation to dinner is bad on two fronts. One he just got fired while on vacation in Italy, and the bike route he needed was not needed the same night as the dinner party but was needed now because the bikes were on the rack at 9am on a Friday.

When you asked him to dinner that one last time, was your heart exhausted? Did dread creep in that he might actually accept?  That’s because you are no longer friends and the other person is treating you like a Concierge. Your friendship with said person died a few years back and its time to simply move on.

I’m not sorry, but I am nobody’s fucking Concierge, and it’s ironic in this case because said ex-friend has a wife in the hospitality industry. She is not a concierge however. She is a Catering Director or Beverage manager, whatever.

I am not sure how this happened but I got so sick of it, and I have written this person off now.  It’s too bad it came to this but perhaps on his death bed he will remember he needs something, then again I hope he doesn’t.

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