Google+ my thoughts, not that you care.


Google+ is catching on and I admit to being a habitual user. I won’t post pictures of my kids on it ever, and I am not certain I will continue using google+ past Movember. Here are my thoughts about it.

It reminds me of buzz but with better sharing. Its more like Twitter then it is Facebook. You can spark up conversations and get feedback.Unfortunately for me I am boring and uninteresting and nobody cares what I think enough to even comment. This is both a blessing and a curse.

Bruce Garber was hanging out the other day and I joined in, that was cool, and we talked face to face and got caught up. Bruce also showed me the video share capabilities. That was cool. The problem is I really don’t like or trust youtube as a video platform. I send clients to vimeo. I think of youtube as hit or miss video. It’s a great video platform for people with accutely short attention spans. I put qik videos on youtube but thats about it.

Google+ reunited me with lots of people that just would not engage with me on facebook. I’m not sure they will engage me here either. I just find it curious that they re-added me. Was it courtesy? or were they missing not communicating with me?

I read an article this week that stated that a majority (75%) of all google+ users are a male geeks, 20% were women ( Geek or not) and 5 percent were something else or Not committed either way.

This is one of those blog posts that does not end itself, Until now.

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