Geneva Illinois

I was born in Chicago but I lived in Geneva Illinois growing up until I was 6. I had a few pals Steve lemon, Mark ST Pierre, and John folk. I was a bit younger but I was brave. When they made a club house in the attic of a garage I climbed the ladder with the big kids. I learned to ride a big bike by accident when I stole my sisters new bike and my grand mother called me to get home. Riding the bike back home was my first ride. Geneva has grown lots since I lived there but it still maintains a small town atmosphere. In the winter all the shops have Christmas lights and it’s like a Norman Rockwell painting. I did not live in Geneva long, but I have fond memories of the stores, the store owners and that the people were all very nice. Everyone knew everybody else and you went to Benson’s for boys stuff and to Marilyn Michaels for girls stuff. You bought gifts at the little traveler, and you browsed the 5&10 like everyone else in town on Saturday’s. I imagine they are all still pretty nice today. I will have to go back sometime and find out.
(Photo from coolkayaker1 )

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