So what are you doing now?


Many people seem to be confused with what I do now. Some call me a videographer, some say I am an AV dude, while others think I am some sort of social media guru. I may be a little bit of all three, but let me try and explain.

I produce video through my company Brilliant Video Productions aka @brilliantvideo on twitter. I started this company in 2001 and we shoot, edit, stream and distribute video for podcasts, web sites and DVD. We use our extensive social media expertise to help get your video seen.

I also help support conferences, meetings and special events through Corporate Audio Visual Services aka @corporate_av on twitter. We specialize in being your dedicated partner in AV. We supply solutions and just “AV stuff”.

I currently spend time shuttling between two offices in Metrowest, MA and just north of Boston. If you see a shiny Silver Kia Koupe fly by that was me. I used to text from the road but have given that up. I will check in on my way to work but only when at a complete stop. No seriously.

Lastly, I also help small companies and non profits get started with social media. IE Twitter, Facebook and even blogging. Yes there are lots of people just starting out still. I can point them to the good blogs I have read and give them a good starting point.

I am also a member of ISES New england, SBANE, and I started the Metrowest Media Makers. a group of artists and social media types ( use your own definition here) that meets monthly in Framingham, MA to talk about what we are working on and what we need help with. It’s fun and informative and you never know who might show up.

I hope this helps clears up what it is I am doing. If I can help you in any way please let me know.

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