“Sometimes I’d Rather Be Lucky Than Good”:

Last night I shot video for the Ignite Spatial #ISB09 event at the NERD center in Cambridge MA. On my way to the event however I lost my video camera. The whole camera kit with batteries and tape headphones one ENG kit gone. I had assumed it had been stolen and even alerted the local authorities. I called a few people to come up with a replacement but found nothing readily available. I let my friend who organized the event Guido Stein of my challenge and told him if he could stall a bit I could bullet back to Natick get camera#2 and return.

After doing so, and breaking many speed limit laws I was able to start filming at 7:20 pm 40 minutes after I first became aware that I had no gear. Shewww, mission accomplished.

I went back to town this morning to finish filing out my theft report and there at the police station was my camera gear. Apparently when I left the gas station last night the back hatch on my Scion opened and it rolled out behind me. A mom, (with her kids) also at the gas station alertly grabbed it found my info and turned it in to the Police this morning.

Admittedly I had tunes cranking in my car, I was focused on getting to the shoot site and I now know the dome light in my car needs replacing. Sometimes you need to slow down, turn the music down but sometimes"I’d Rather Be Lucky Than Good":

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