Why I don’t see eye to eye with Lenscrafters repair policy

I need glasses, for I spend way too much time looking at a video monitor editing at times,looking in a viewfinder, reading blogs, emails you get the picture. Anyway somebody recommended LensCrafters in Natick for glasses. I went got an eye exam and was given a pair of glasses that I had selected. When I tried the glasses (tri-focals) I could not get all three focal points to work. So they made a 2nd pair for me. This pair was not what I wanted but they said that these would be better for me.

I took their advice got them and they were better, unfortunately they broke recently. I took them back and looked to get them repaired. One of the nose pieces broke off.Because they broke at the frame level the frames needed replacement, but unfortunately the frames by Burberry were no longer available. Now I need to pay 50% for new frames but they will make the lenses. Even though the glasses were under warranty I still had to pay 50% for new frames for that old frame was no longer available. Does that make sense?

That’s great on paper but a large eye glass manufacturer can melt your glasses down and pour new ones much like a bottle is made in a manufacturing plant. The strange part is that I cannot keep the old broken glasses for that reason then they need the glass back to recycle.

I don’t see eye to eye with this what do you think?

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