Marathon Day BBQ 2009

I decided to Have friends over for a BBQ and throw a live feed of the Boston Marathon online live from Natick. At some point early the live feed shutoff, not sure why but it did. I rebooted it and it was fine until I shut it off myself after the last runners passed by.

The Kids had a great time and we ran into more kids that we knew and fed them all hot dogs and BBQ chicken.

There were 2 Americans that both finished third in the Boston Marathon this year. Ryan Hall finished third in the Men’s and Kara Goucher finished third in the Woman’s race. Definitely the best USA finishers in quite awhile.

Ernst Van Dyke (RSA) won the Men’s wheel chair race and Wakako Tsuchida (JPN) won the woman’s wheel chair race. Deriba Merga of (ETH) won the Men’s Marathon and Salina Kosgei of (KEN) won the women’s Marathon.

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