Playoff time in Boston.

We are at an exciting spring time here in Boston. The Weather is finally getting better and both the Celtics and the Bruins are starting their playoff push. The Bruins are vast improved over 2008 but still need to vanquish their arch rivals the Montreal Canadians to advance and although they had the best overall record in the East they still need to play it loose and fast to be successful. If they get into a brawl they will loose focus.

The Celtics have a much tougher road to Hoe. KG, the Big Ticket Garnett will reportedly miss the playoffs entirely so my seeing gang green even making the conference finals this year is a long shot at best. I can see them advancing from the first round but being pushed hard by Chicago. Celtics in 7 maybe.

The Marathon will run yet again this Monday and I will go on a limb and say a Kenyan will win. They have dominated the Boston Marathon in both the women’s and Men’s races the last few years so I think I am safe with this prediction.

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