God what a day I had today at the store

I went to the food store to but some groceries with my daughter. While we were shopping an older lady about 70 or so started talking to me and my daughter. She was having trouble noticeably so I assisted with getting a few things down off higher shelves. I left her in the deli area after I had completed shopping and headed to get some milk and cheese and then out of stop and shop.

When I got to the check out Sabrina and I unloaded my cart and we paid. I had about 15 items but the total came to 130.56. I looked at the checkout person and told her there must be a big mistake. The woman said that my mother had mentioned that I would be paying for her groceries also.

Now if my mother was still alive I might not have a problem with this. I explained calmly that my mother had passed away quite a few years ago and that anyone pretending to be my mother was a hoax. She called the manager and an argument ensued. My daughter got upset and I tried to comfort her. As I went to do so the manager tried to prevent me from moving towards the exit. I resisted and he reached for me but fell to the ground and as I walked over him and towards my daughter the assistant manager reached up and was hanging on to my shoes, hanging on tight pulling on my leg like I am pulling on yours.

Happy April fools day.

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