Adding Video to your website

Lets face it, sales and marketing people are working with new budgets (ok no budgets) these days and are looking for ways to get their message to their customers and potential new customers as quickly and cheaply as possible. Enter social media and it’s ability to share the message quickly.

What kind of video do you post?

Well that depends on your company. Is it a service company or product manufacturer? Can you convey your company product or service easily in a minute or 2 or 3? Do your current customers love you? If so would you be able to get their testimonials on video?

As you already know, video is much more engaging then white papers and PDF’s that tell people about your product or service. Having a live person talk about their product or better yet about your product is much more engaging.

UGC video is also on the rise. UGC or user generated content is on the web everywhere you look. If someone has a video camera and can talk in complete sentences chances are good they have created UGC video. Many start out and fail, their first attempts are terrible. But as time goes on they learn and correct and add to their presentations. Video is booming on the internet. Don’t let early set backs stop you, keep making content and keep putting it on the web. Get feedback and tweak and tailor your message to your audience and customers.

Brilliant Video Productions assists it clients in getting well produced video content to the web effectively and on budget. We can help Sales and Marketing people with limited budgets create a one minute story about their business or product, or we can shoot the testimonials of others talking about your products.

We will also assist and consult with companies looking to provide UGC video to their audiences. We can help with video camera, microphone, lighting and editing equipment recommendations to help ensure that your UGC video gets off on solid footing.

Please see our website@ for more.

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