Travelling with Twisted Pair…

Brilliant Video Productions just wrapped it’s week long shoot with Twisted Pair on Network World. We shot 30 plus interviews over a three day period utilizing the Newtek Tricaster Pro FX with some bugs we had to iron out on the fly. I am sure Keith Shaw of Cool Tools fame will ask Newtek to borrow one of these bad boys to review it so I will leave that review to the professional but for the most part everything went rather smoothly.

There was the usual trade show snags with electric, carpet and show management not talking to anyone but itself. The dynamic duo persevered however and the show was a success according to both members. They were able to get their interviews up faster then ever before. All of the interviews are now visible on the Network World site at

Their wrap up podcast can also be seen at

Hanging with these two techie dudes was great fun, and Brilliant Video Productions hopes to do an encore with them soon. Both guys Keith and Jason know their subject matter very well and they enjoy what they do. The bonus is they get to test out new software and gadgets and report about it. How cool is that?

Anyway, I think Interop 2008 was a great experience and success for Brilliant Video Productions and we hope to have more opportunities in 2008 to showcase just what we can do as a player in the live 2 camera video streaming arena.

P.S. My thanks to Glenn at DD Video productions in Las vegas for the local rentals. He was flexible, professional, and responded when no other Weva contacts in Vegas would. Thanks again Glenn. Also thanks to Sam Avellone at NPI AV Cleveland for sending out the Tricaster to a virtual stranger. You Rock Sam. Sam sells Tricaster’s like Pez so he is the man to see about them.

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