How do you consolidate Twitter accounts?

As some of you know, (those who have seen me out and about at tweetups) I have started a new gig. Now the old gig isn’t gone Brilliant Video Productions Inc. still exists I just also work full time leading the Boston office of Corporate AV services. My dilemma now is what do I do with the @brilliant twitter name. I have like 3500 ppl following my brand there. I am seldom on that handle now however and I feel kind of bad because I probably will close it down. If you are following please follow instead. I wish it were easier to change names and accounts. I tried contacting twitter but have gotten nowhere with that. If anyone has ever been in my shoes and has blogged about it, or read about it could you let me know?

my thanks @SkipBensley on twitter.

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Starting up what is next…

I may have confused quite a few people today on twitter when I reactivated my old original twitter name @SkipBensley. ( I did not mean to confuse anyone. I am simply starting a new venture in 2010 and while I have worked at Brilliant Video Productions the last 7 years and will continue to do so, I may not work there forever, and I may in fact want to branch out and do other things. I will always be Skip Bensley so there is no getting around that one. There is also no getting around my quips and absurdest dry wit and you will continue to hear more of that @SkipBensley. @brilliantvideo will be more about Brilliant Video Productions the company, and whats new in corporate, web and portable video production.

Did that help or are you still confused?